So you wanna become a piercer huh?

I get maybe 3-4 enquirers a week from people who want to peruse a career in professional piercing.

It is a pretty tough industry to get into and although very rewarding, it can be a quite difficult to get your foot in the door and there are a number of things you SHOULD do and a number of things to NOT DO. Let’s start with the things to do.

My strong suggestion is to get a part time job, save up cash and then travel to APP in vegas (www.safepiercing.org) and take AS MANY
COURSES AS YOU CAN for new piercers. The knowledge is honestly the best in the world and taught from many great piercers.

You can also do your BBP (bloodborne pathogens) via their website and your first aid prior to even feeling around for a good studio to learn at. This will prove that you are keen and understand the basics of operating near and around blood and sharps.

At current, there are only two professional piercing studios in Perth. Ourselves (who are all APP members) and Exotic in china town. We pride ourselves on only using internally threaded ASTMF136 titanium jewellery and solid 14/18kt gold for ALL piercings, whereas exotic offer a variety of different quality jewellery – however they do offer apprenticeships.

Know that if you do any of the Ez-training courses or work at a bong shop you will generally be black listed from professional studios for your entire career (obviously not something you want to do).

How to get black-listed at most professional studios

  • Start working at a bong-shop or hair dresser to learn and advance from there. You will learn bad habits, unsafe practices and generally contribute to the down fall of our industry.
  • Do crash-courses (EZ piercing, etc). These are money making schemes praying on people who don’t know any better and will only give you a false sense of accomplishment which will result in you risking the safety of your potential clientele. Not to mention it will get an instant black-list from most professional studios.


What to do to start

There is no formal apprenticeships available for our industry (as it is unregulated in Australia), however before you even approach a studio looking for a job here’s a couple helping hints.

How does an apprenticeship work?

As a general rule of thumb, piercing apprenticeships last for 1-2 years of unpaid work. You normally work the first 3-4months cleaning and learning how to correctly communicate with customers, then you start watching procedures and eventually start working supervised on your close friends. As time goes on, you will eventually be able to perform simple procedures unsupervised and begin earning money.

It can take a number of years to become a good piercer.

How to find a studio

It’s difficult to find a good studio, it’s even harder to find a good studio that will take you on.

  • Try your normal piercer first, if you trust them to pierce you – you should trust them to teach you
  • Do not try to learn at hair-dressers. They may pierce but will not offer you the environment that you need to become a good piercer.
  • Do not do ‘crash course’ training classes. There is a load to learn and takes quite a few years, you can never learn what you need in a couple days.
  • Make sure your potential studio uses good quality jewellery and practices the utmost cleanliness. You ideally want to find a studio that only uses internally threaded jewellery – this shows that they understand the benefits of good quality.

You may need to travel to find a good studio, drop into the shop and build a rapport with your potential trainer.

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