HAPPY WHITE DAY [may-yuc interview]

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White Day is a special day celebrated in Japan, similar to  Valentines day.

Both my mind and body (? Haha) got bigger and now I am back! It is! – Australia Second part –

Happy ~, everyone HAPPY WHITE DAY

It is becoming a white day which does not disappoint with the rain and it is extremely cold in winter, but it is a white day which does not get back in winter, but let’s say that couples warmly dare to say it is just right! It is! LolToday we will deliver the second part of Australian journey of YUC, continuing from last time.

The title is “I have returned now!”, But I came back to Australia from summer still cold Tokyo and already over 10 days, the blue sky was also a bit shiny The craziest steak was all my dreams That’s what I feel.

The only thing that makes me realize that it was the only reality is that my skin burned in the midst of an infamous Australian ultraviolet baptism suddenly burned out Last week, I felt like losing herself alone and seasonally molting Indeed, it is about that the house and clothes were soiled and tough.Today is a second part, I will tell you the pattern of the interview of STONE HEART BODY ART in Sydney which is also an AAPP member shop which is not overstated even now it is Australia’s most famous pierce studio and of course also ANATOMETAL and GORILLA GLASS dealer It is! It is! It is!
It is not only YUC playing! It is!

This STONE HEART BODY ART , actually Joeltron, who is also a friend of MAY for 10 years and appears on this blog several times is an owner / head piercer.

The left eye appearing in the APP report of 2013 and last year’s APP sentiment is a fun lover that seems green.
Appeared wearing cat T that is too funky in the last year’s APP news .

Originally I had a great sense of intimacy as he was listening to the story of a ridiculous cat lover from the company president, but um, I do not think you know this in no way! It is! It is! Because ATSUSHI-kun of Takasaki MIX JUICE which is full of working holiday in Australia now works as a piercer, this is why Joel Tron is the owner’s Perth shop OPAL HEART BODY PIERCING .

Normally Joel Tron and ATSUSHI are also working at the Perth store ‘s OPAL HEART BODY PIERCING , but Joel Tron is on the Sydney store’ s STONE HEART BODY ART for the last week.

It was the end of February that I went to Sydney so it’s timely pat! It is! It is!

In Australia’s life four months already already taken ATSUSHI-kun of the same black face that Shigeru Matsuzaki will shoot, take me to the studio and go to cover up! It is! It is!

Neither ATSUSHI-kun nor Joel Tron-ANATOMETAL are connected cats, so I can not be my friend.

STONE HEART BODY ART is located in the center of Sydney KINGS CROSS.
KINGS CROSS seems to be a kabukicho in Japan. Lol

No, it was a beautiful Kabukicho that is quite good.
It is a fun studio like a toy box somehow.
Oh! It is! There! It is! It is!
Today is not cat T, it is unicorn T which he likes as much as a cat.
Shoes and socks are quite fancy even if it is.

ATSUSHI kun from the left from Perth shop , Joel Tron, owner and head piercer for two shops and right oyster boy in Sydney shop dedicated piercer translated to oyster boy.
Yes gorillas ~.
Yes Anato ~.
By the way, 97% of the opal is native to Australia and it is a symbol of Australia, but the popular item of Anatomental Opal Heart thread end is said that Anatomental realized the strong wishes of Australian Joel Trond.
As supplements , in Australia in the main opal, OPAL is read as opal rather than opal.
Even if you say opal in Australia, please be careful as you will see “???”.
Kitty is definitely a cat, is not it? … I am not good at kitty, even if the cat is a cat.
By the way the blue frame on the left is not a picture but a mirror.
Cat section of Joel Tron.
I think that it is a lucky cat. Lol
I like it.
I also do tattoos at the Sydney shop .
It is a cat tattoo WELCOME! It is! It is!
Kitty for PC as well, it is Joel Tron, a fine kittiller 33 years old.
Oyster boy’s cross tattoo, simple but very cool.
And now, here is Joel Tron ‘s pushing piercing here.
It is a helical continuous seam ring .
I think whether someone who saw similar wearing methods of earrings with Cri’s ears of Norway’s piercer is surely fashionable ♥ ♥ ♥
This girl is a continuous seam ring to helix .
By the way Cri – chan ‘s ears are crimped and crimped out, and seam rings are attached continuously there, but this girl and the helix of Oysterboy are not being pulled out, and this is the only number Even though the pierced hole is not open, it has been cut.
I do not know the details well, so if you’ve longed for this installation method, please do not hesitate to contact Australia and talk to Joel Tron! It is! It is!
And please eat crazy big aussie beef steak. Lol
When I was doing that, a girl who wanted to open Nostril in both noses came in.
Fancy skateboard with lots of cats can be seen on the ceiling when lying in the pierced booth.
“Even if you are throbbing before opening the pierced earrings, will it get better with this?”, Joel Tron.
It is kindness of Joel Tron.

If you like cats it surely gets better this way, it is the first studio like cat lovers.
With both Nostrils, if you treat them in one stroke at once, your burden is small.
Therefore , ATSUSHI-kun who worked at Perth shop which was off this day was suddenly taken out because it’s so hard ……
Since STONE HEART BODY ART and OPAL HEART BODY PIERCING also enrolled several piercer, when you can open to both earlobe, etc., you can also treat them at once, shorten the time and reduce the burden on your mind and body It seems to be.
Sure it is wonderful! It is! It is!
At this time, it was completed in the end.
Both Nostrils are difficult to balance left and right, so check carefully even after treatment.
It was perfect! It is! It is!
When I finished my work, this is so hard that I asked two people to wear a cat T.
It seems that March 4th just after this was a famous gay parade Mardi Gura in Sydney, but this picture is a bit dangerous, but www, both of us are not in that union.

I never thought that I would hold a princess here suddenly wwwwww
By the way, my tank is also with a cat’s print
Pears and cats connect the world with love
Even if it was pretty much fun, but sorry still my older brothers, I ate too much ogy beef, was it heavy? Is it? Is it?


The studio is just like Joel Tron ‘s toy box.
I do not get tired of various things at all and I think that the tension feeling before the pierced earrings can be released sooner thanks to this fancy and funny space and happy and cute Joel Tron.


From the toys that were lined up in the shop, I chose a souvenir for MAY president in Japan.
Joe Tron, a whimsy journalist who came to Japan ten years ago, said that he learned how to anodize titanium from our company president.

And I said that everyone who visited here had this pose.
The shop name is Stone Heart, is not it?

In the southern hemisphere in Australia, since the season is opposite to Japan, it will soon be the turn of autumn, after that winter will be very cold.
If you are not good at Japanese hot and humid summer, I’d recommend traveling in Australia ahead! It is!
By all means in Sydney or Perth, please have a happy, fancy, kitty and cute Joel Tron, pierce open.
You surely welcome Joel Tron, that’s cat love, even if you wear cat T and more. LOL and whatever it is, while ATSUSHI-kun is in Australia ! It is! It is! (* There are various restrictions on working holiday, so it is undecided how long he will be enrolled in OPAL HEART BODY PIERCING .If you are planning to go to Australia please directly tell him.