$T2eC16VHJIQE9qUHtHqFBQNfEmsE(g~~60_12This build started as a little project for my bestie Naepier when she was in hospital around 2012. She mentioned she would love to learn to ride a small motorbike when she got out and I imediately went shopping for a learner friendly bike for a small lady.

The postie (Honda ct110) came up very early on in my searches, but I dismissed it because the ugly boxy appearance and strange fuel talk (which I now love). After lots of searching I ended up picking up a battered postie from Gumtree and brought the donor bike home to my uncovered backyard. That is when the love began.

6351268a6ac411e2939222000a9f1385_7I pulled it apart dozens of times figuring out how everything worked and what could be removed (aka cut off) and still retain a reliable functionality. I ended up (after a month or so of tinkering and cutting) confidently pulling it totally apart to get it all powder coated.

The bits came back and the re-build commenced! I re-wired the entire bike top to bottom (relocating the key and various other parts in the process) and installed all LED lights everywhere so I could run the headlamp off the battery (stock they run off the alternator, so aren’t on unless the bike is running)

naeOnce it was complete, Nae didn’t have her licence and as it happened my bike at the time (a Hyosung gv650 cruizer) decided to self combust and spent a couple weeks in the shop. During this time I borrowed what I thought was a tiny girls bike to get me to and from work, but I ended up falling in love with the agility and zippyness that can only be felt on a small bike.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of riding a bike you have built yourself to the absolute limits and knowing that you aren’t even breaking any speed limits.

This spawned the need for me to sell my GV and build my own personal CT110 (with more leg room), known as the postietron.

Twighlight photography

The bike
Ratfink Postie LHSRatfink Postie RHS
Ratfink Postie CarbieRatfink Postie Front

The box
Ratfink Postie Box OffRatfink Postie Box On