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My name's Joeltron and I'm a professional body piercer and body modification artist.

I work in Sydney Australia at , it's one of Sydney Australia's best leading edge Body Piercing and Tattooing studios - thriving in professional and safe environment whilst offering a vast array of body modifications.

Please check out my Body Piercing Portfolio and if you want to get something done, Contact Me!

Hey there! I'm joel. I've been professional piercing for 10 years in Sydney Australia, where I now own and operate Australia's only APP studio. I am nerdy, enjoy kitties and am an avid software developer. I produced StabPad.com (the free paperless studio release form system) and thrive to enhance our industry every day through my efforts.

I take my work very seriously and enjoy giving the highest possibly quality service to all my customers. I think the main reason I am so passionate about my career is the fact that I enjoy every aspect of it, but the most important part is the amazing people I get to meet doing what I love.

Body modification has helped me get to a place where I am truly happy when I look in the mirror and I am honored that others come to me to assist them in doing the same. I'm on a mission to change the general public's perception on the definition of beauty, one pretty piercing at a time.

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  • SMS: 04 0013 3777
  • Studio:FirstBlood.com.au
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  • Facebook: Facebook (facebook.joeltron.com)
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  • Bmezine: joeltron.bmezine.com

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